Our Mission

"To provide exceptional radiology services by empowering team members to exceed the expectations of patients, physicians and referral sources."

Patients are the reason for our department's existence, and must be accorded the central role in our professional activities. We are first and foremost responsible to our patients and consulting physicians. Our paramount mission is to provide competent, courteous and compassionate clinical services which are uniformly of the highest quality. We must respond to requests for services from patients and referring physicians promptly and intelligently. Clinical responsibilities to individual patients take precedence over all other demands.

In all facets of our departmental mission we have a responsibility to all members of the department to behave in a responsible, honest and fair manner, and to facilitate our colleagues' work and career development.

Our work must always be shaped by the highest ethical principles. In clinical work, we must be guided by what is best for the patient; in education, by what is best for the student; and in research by what best serves truth and objectivity.

Communicate to referring physicians the most cost-effective imaging methods for evaluating and treating their patients and make them aware of new imaging techniques.

Be recognized as offering the highest quality and best value in medical imaging in our region and comparable to any medical imaging service nationally.

Our primary mission is to provide high quality compassionate clinical care to patients through the use of medical imaging technology. Services provided to our patients and referring physicians are central to our professional activities. We offer educational programs to a diverse group, including medical students, residents, fellows, and practicing physicians. Research in medical imaging provides new information concerning diagnostic and therapeutic studies and their impact on clinical management.

  • To provide radiological service that is timely, cost effective, appropriate and of the highest quality.
  • To educate health care professionals, including medical students, faculty and staff.
  • To contribute to the understanding of health and disease through imaging and through imaging technology related clinical research.
  • To participate in the growth and mission of Emory Healthcare.
  • To engage in public service for the community.
  • To serve as a vehicle for the achievement of professional goals by our faculty, staff and students.

Radiology Associates of DeKalb, P.C. (RAD) is committed to providing the highest standard of compassionate care to our patients, utilizing the latest technology, equipment and training.

RAD is also dedicated to ensuring that each and every patient is provided with competent, efficient and compassionate medical care.

Team of Highest Quality Physician Radiologists

Our physicians are committed to Emory Healthcare and our community. They believe in what they do and strive to deliver the most accurate diagnosis on each patient exam. When interacting with patients such as during a biopsy procedure, they treat each patient with respect and as an individual. Taking time to answer patient's questions and reducing their uneasiness with their procedure.

Qualified and trained staff treating patients in a professional manner with dignity.

We strive to employ the best people from technologists to department managers. Each modality is operated by a highly trained and licensed team of technologists under the leadership of a senior technologist. All remain current with their CEU requirements to stay up-to-date in their modality.

Modality Technology Leadership

RAD has always operated under the philosophy of purchasing the best equipment available. This equipment provides radiologists with the clearest exam images facilitating the most accurate diagnosis for treatment by referring physicians with their patients. This equipment is manufactured and supplied by top vendors from around the world.

Patient Friendly Facilities

Our Imaging facilities have been modified and changed, as new equipment upgrades have required. We work hard to keep the complex clean and inviting for our patient guests. Convenient, free parking is right outside our front door.

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This is where you can feature something special about the practice, highlight a new service, link to a news article, etc.